Important Features to Compare When Buying E-Bike

The growing popularity of electric scooters in the UK has brought about an increased demand for quality electric bikes to meet the needs of commuters. With the growing number of choices, prospective buyers need to know what to look for in a good e-bike to make sure that they get the right unit for their needs. Here are a few important factors to consider before you decide on purchasing an electric bike:

1. Where and how you are going to use the bike for – This factor is very important as it determines the other features you need to choose for your electric bike. The type of terrain or setting where the bike will be used can help you figure out which bike type is best, while the expected travel distance will play a major role on the battery capacity should choose.

2. Drive type – Electric scooters UK are powered by an electric motor that provides drive to the back wheels to make your bike go forward. The ‘pedelec’ drive system provides a set amount of motor assistance to the rider depending on the rate at which he or she pedals. Another system involves a throttle that regulates the amount of drive the electric motor provides much like the throttle on a motorcycle or a car.

3. Motor mounting position – There are two general motor mounts available. A hub mounted motor provides quiet operation but may not do well on hill climbs or steep gradients. A crank mount system does a good job at providing motor assist on demand especially when going uphill, but it tends to be noisy (depending on the brand).

4. Battery power – This factor greatly determines the total weight of the bike as well as its effective range. A good lightweight battery can give an electric bike rider a range of up to 70km off a single charge but this figure varies depending on the gradient or slope of the road surface, road conditions and even temperature, so your results will vary.

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