Top 3 Must-Known Facts about Electric Motorbikes in the UK

Riding an electric motorbike can give you the same rush as getting on a petrol motorcycle. You can enjoy the same gust of wind against your face, the ease of travel from one point to another, and of course, the money savings. But here are some new facts that you may want to know about electric motorbikes in the UK before you purchase one.

E-bike and the law

The EU Law EN 15194 clearly defines what an electric bike is: It should have pedals, the maximum power delivered by the motor should not go beyond 250W, and the maximum speed with assistance is capped at 15.5 mph. Why should you know this? Because if your electric motorbike belongs to this category of e-bikes, then you are exempt from the motor vehicle legislation. Note that you need to be at least 14 years of age to ride an e-bike.

If your electric motorbike does not comply with the said categories, you need to register your vehicle. Registration means that you must get a license to ride this vehicle. This also means that the vehicle will be taxed yearly. You must also get insurance for your electric motorbike.

Electric motorbikes and Google Search

Did you know that the total number of Google searches for electric bikes in the UK at the start of the year was 50,000? A lot of people are looking for the best electric bikes available online. If you are one of them, be sure to purchase from a website that guarantees the lowest prices and the highest quality.

Electric motorbike and its user

Everyone uses electric motorbikes nowadays. Daily commuters, bike hire companies, delivery services, leisure facilities and even cyclists use e-motorbikes. These vehicles are not just fads—they have become wide accepted modes of transportation. They are more cost-effective and greener compared to cars and bigger vehicles.

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Kids Electric Scooter- Top 3 Preferable Designs

Do you want to encourage your child to become more independent? Perhaps it’s time to buy a kid’s electric scooter. It’s the latest trend; in fact, a survey of 75,000 children in the UK shows that more than 14% of them regularly use scooters to travel to school. The rate continues to increase year after year. What kind of electric scooter should you give your kid? Here are three options to consider:

Electric Kick Scooter

This type of electric scooter for kids is a foldable and very affordable unit. It has an extendable handle and can effortlessly be towed.  It looks just like those push scooters you used back when you were a kid. The only difference is that electric kick scooters have 100W to 120W motors. Most models have top speeds of 8 miles/hour and can reach distances of up to 10 miles—perfect for going to school and back.

Self-balancing scooters

The hype of self-balancing scooters or ‘hoverboards’ has prompted many parents to purchase this mode of transportation for their kids. Sadly, many of these units are poorly made; in some cases, batteries even blow up. That said, there are high-quality hoverboards that are safe to use. The Z4L brand, for example, guarantees that their products are safe and have passed all European safety standards. The key is to look for a CE certificate, which indicates that the unit complies with all relevant European health and safety regulations.

Electric bikes

Electric bikes are great gifts because they give kids more flexibility as they commute to school. They can choose the all-pedal mode, all-motorized mode, or motor-assisted pedalling mode. Electric bikes are generally designed for older kids aged 14 and up. Consider the Lynx Folding Bike, which is a solid product that utilizes a 200W brushless motor and six-gear shifting system. A single charge can give you 33 miles. It takes 4 to 6 hours to fully charge the battery.

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