Is an Electric Scooter for Adults Legal on UK Streets?

Before you start shopping for adult electric scooters, you may want to be familiar with the UK law regarding their use. A lot of people are wondering if riding electric scooters for adults on the street legal is in the UK. There is no one answer because it actually depends on the type of street or road, as well as on the power of the vehicle.


Electric scooters owners are not required to register or pay any taxes. They are free to ride their bikes for recreational purposes, but not for commuting. That’s because electric scooters for adults are legal in the UK only on private streets. These bikes cannot be used on public roads or on the pavement according to the 1835 Highways Act. The Department for Transportation also classifies electric scooters as Personal Light Electric Vehicle or (PLEV) because they have battery-powered motors. They can only be used in private properties. This law applies to hoverboards and electric skateboards, too.

Electric Bikes

Certain electric bikes are road legal within England, Wales and Scotland as long as they meet the following criteria:


  • They must not be designed to go over 15mph.
  • The motor’s RATED output should be below 250w.
  • The maximum curb-side weight should be 40kg or lower.



You may be asking: Are electric mopeds on the road legal? Yes—as long as you register yours with the DVLA and pay taxes. Your moped or scooter must also pass minimum requirements.

No licence scooters do not need license, insurance, registration. Low-speed models are not allowed.

But here’s good news. The UK government is currently considering amending the law. You might be allowed to ride your adult electric scooters and lower-speed electric mopeds to work, schools, and more public places after the new law is passed.




All You Need to Know About Electric Scooter Battery Power

Electric scooters in the UK rely heavily on the power of their batteries, but some models can still be used manually when the power runs out, just like electric bicycles. All you need to do is to ride it in the same way you would a traditional kick scooter. That said, some electric scooters for sale don’t have a manual mode. Trying to use it manually can damage some components.

What you can do to ensure that you don’t get stranded without enough battery power is to take care of the battery in the first place. To maximise the use of your electric scooter and guarantee good performance every time you hit the road, here are some things you need to know.

  • Before plugging the charger into the wall outlet, make sure that it is connected to the electric scooter first. When unplugging, remove the charger from the wall outlet first, and then from the electric scooter.
  • Make it a habit to recharge the batteries of your electric scooter after every ride, even if you were only out for a few minutes. That’s because leaving the electric scooter’s battery partially discharged for a long time can potentially lower its overall lifespan.
  • You should not store your electric scooter for months without using it, as this may damage the battery. If you really must store the electric scooter, don’t forget to charge the batteries every three months.
  • Use a slow rate battery charger and don’t use the electric scooter for more than its recommended battery cycle per day. This will preserve the battery life and ensure efficient performance of the electric scooter for a longer time. If you intend to ride for long distances or hours, look for electric scooters in the UK that have higher battery capacity. You have a wide variety of choices when it comes to electric scooters for sale as long as you choose an online retailer that carries different models from various manufacturers.
  • Avoid using automotive or motorcycle battery chargers for your electric scooter’s batteries. They may cause overheating and permanent damage to both the battery and your electric scooter.

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Forget All Your Worries Related to Space When You Have a Folding Electric Bike

There is a growing population of electric bike riders who swear by their many great benefits not only to health and the environment, but to their personal savings, quality of life, and peace of mind. If you’ve been wondering about electric bikes and how these machines can help you in your daily commute, here are the reasons why you should seriously consider investing on an electric folding bike:

  • Driving to work or to your regular destinations doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavour. When taking your car everywhere is proving inconvenient because of traffic, parking woes, and other related worries, buying yourself an electric bike might just be an excellent solution to your short-drive troubles. With an electric folding bike, you can easily breeze through traffic jams and even cut your journey short by hopping on-board the train or the bus and breaking the bike out again once you reach your stop. What’s even more advantageous about these handy, foldable rides is that they don’t emit nasty fumes as you travel on them. By switching between battery and pedal power, from time to time, you also get your much-needed daily exercises as you breeze through your commute.
  • Not only is an electric folding bike a flexible means of transport, it also solves your parking troubles, as each unit can easily be folded to a compact size and then left inside a sizable locker or cabinet or even beside your office table. These machines are compact enough to remain unobtrusive even when kept indoors. This unique property also helps you protect your equipment from vandalism, theft, as well as accidental damage, among many other strange things that could befall it when left outside.
  • Finally, an electric bike can hold a great amount of battery life through each charge cycle, giving you more power to go through great distances every time.

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Self-Balancing Scooter- A Cool Way of Transportation

For many kids, the coolest way to travel to work or to school is to use a self-balancing scooter. Even adults love using them. This type of vehicle is also known as a hover board, and it can provide a convenient way to cover short distances.

You might be wondering: Why do self-balancing scooters vary so widely in terms of prices? It all boils down to quality. It’s more prudent and practical to spend a bit more money on a heavy-duty unit that will last many years than on a cheap one that will malfunction after just a few uses.

To start using the scooter, place both your feet on the articulated pads provided. These pads offer a way for the rider to control the movement of the vehicle, whether to the left or two the right. You can also lean forward to move faster or to transfer your weight backward to move in the opposite direction.

A Little History

Did you know that these cool machines were invented in 2013? Self-balancing scooters instantly became a big hit because of their look and their amazing technology. Today, hover boards are still one of the go-to modes of transportation for those who want to move fast and travel light.

Advantages of Using Self-Balancing Scooters

You can hover boards almost everywhere, as long as the road is visually flat. You won’t have a problem zipping around town on the sidewalk. You can even use self-balancing scooters inside your home if you want.

You can also carry them anywhere. If you use multiple modes of public transport, you can use your hover board to go to the nearest bus or train station and carry it as you ride the bus or train.

They also look great. They are stylish and fun to use. Some self-balancing scooters have LEDs that flash with every movement. These nifty little machines even come in different designs and colours.

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How to Deal With Fear When Having Your First E Bike Ride?

First time riders of two wheelers tend to experience some kind of fear or a lack of confidence. However, you need not worry about it a lot, as it is a common feeling shared by almost all the first time users barring a very few exceptions. The same fear is experienced when you get on your first electric moped. However, it is important to bear in mind that you can easily get out of the fear when you mount an electric moped. Here are a few easy tips worth considering.

Adjust yourself to the power that will be generated 

First time riders end up compounding their fear when their anxiety about balancing is made more difficult by the sudden surge in power at the throttle. When speed is increased, users tend to get alarmed by the combination of diffidence in balancing and the sudden movement. It is necessary that users increase the speed slowly at first to understand how the two wheeler responds to throttling action. After increasing speed slowly it is possible to understand the response time and gradually adjust oneself to the movement.

The right posture – relaxed and steady

A relaxed posture on the electric moped is of utmost importance. Many users typically end up sitting with clenched fists or a very rigid posture. This will lead to imbalance during maneuvering. Sit in a relaxed manner and have a firm and steady grip on the handles. A too tight or a too loose grip are equally wrong. Having just the right grip will help to handle and control the two wheeler and maneuver perfectly.

Clear view of the road 

You need to focus your view on the road ahead of you and not on the controls of the two wheeler. Looking down is not only a sign of insecurity, it is a wrong practice that will leave you with very little reaction time if any vehicle or object suddenly looms in front of you. Look at the road steadily and observe the rear view mirrors whenever you sense movement in the mirrors or if you need to swerve, switch lanes, or turn into lanes or roads.

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Become Better Rider with These E Bikes

The joy of riding a two wheeler is a lot different from driving a four wheeler. Offering greater maneuverability to the rider, permitting users to safely weave in and out of traffic, a two wheeler is suitable for congested city traffic. If you happen to be conscious about the environment and wish to be a better rider at the same time, then an electric moped will help you to meet both your requirements. Here is how you can be a better rider with an electric moped.

Light weight offers greater control of the two wheeler

A heavy two wheeler is certainly more difficult to handle and maneuver in congested traffic. With a light weight electric moped that weighs less than a hundred kilograms it will be possible to weave in and out of traffic with great ease. And it is certainly easier to bring a lightweight vehicle to a quick stop than a heavier vehicle.  Using an electric moped will help you to ride safe and ride with ease in city traffic.

Large size of wheels offer greater control

The large size of wheels of the electric moped make it a more reliable two wheeler to handle. This gives better road grip when turning when compared with very small wheels of vehicles. You can safely execute turns and go into bends with confidence because of the large size of the wheels. In combination with other advantages of the vehicle you can look forward to a safe riding experience.

Drum brakes for quick stops

The drum brakes of electric mopeds help you to bring the two wheeler to a quick stop without skidding. Due to the average speed that is reasonable and adequate to get around in the city, i.e. 30 miles per hour, you will be able to bring the vehicle to a stop quickly. This makes the vehicle a lot safer for you and for others on the road.  Unlike vehicles that need to travel long distances before being able to be brought to a complete stop, the electric moped offers greater safety through the large wheels and drum brake combination.

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These Accessories Can Make Your Electric Scooter Stand Out

It’s easy to see why the electric scooter for adults has become very popular recently. This practical mode of transportation is really easy to operate, is ideal for travelling in small cities, and is also light. To make the experience of riding an electric scooter even better, consider getting accessories such as the following:

  1. Lights and reflectors

Planning to ride your scooter during the night? Then it’s crucial that you take certain steps to ensure your safety. One of the best things that you can do is to get lights and reflectors. These accessories will help other drivers on the road to see you. You may get rear reflector lights, front reflector lights, and a head light.

  1. Warning bell

This accessory is also important in making your presence known to other motorists as well as to pedestrians. It is a great addition to your bike, and will work with your lights and reflective devices in keeping you safe. Most safety warning bells are pretty easy to install on almost any model of electric scooter for adults.

  1. Lock and Chain

When your electric scooter is not in use, it is important to keep it safe and make sure that it does not get stolen. Having a lock and chain combination is crucial to keep your scooter where it is, especially when you park it at a public place. Lock and chain combinations come in various options, and there are a few things to consider when you are looking for one. For instance, you should see to it that the primary chain is made of a strong material that wouldn’t be easily cut through.

If you are planning to buy accessories for electric scooter for adults, you might want to check out online stores so that you’ll get to choose from a wide range of products.

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