Electric Scooter for Kids: Safety Facts

Thinking of finally buying electric scooters for your child? Like any parent, you are probably thinking about safety. There is no denying that these toys—though they have passed inspection and are designed to be safe for kids—still pose risks. It is your responsibility to find the right electric scooter for your kids. How do you start?

  1. Look for age-appropriate scooters.

Electric scooters for kids are categorized according to the age range. You can find an electric scooter for pre-schoolers as well as for teenagers. They come in different sizes, features, and speeds, and are designed specifically to suit the age of the rider.

  1. Consider the height weight of your child.

Not all electric scooter models have the same height and weight capacity. If your child is on the heavier or taller side, then you should find a model that has a bigger deck and longer or adjustable height.

  1. Check build quality and features.

The quality of the tires, the brake mechanism, battery life, and maximum speed are just a few of the features that you should check. The latest models have throttle starts, allowing children to begin their ride effortlessly.

Before you go around searching for an electric scooter for kids, you should also ask yourself: Is my child old enough to ride a scooter? Does he or she have the motor skills and the maturity to handle this mode of transport? If your answer is yes, then you can begin your search for a suitable scooter following the tips above.

Buying an electric scooter for kids from online retailers or motorbikes in the UK offers many benefits. For one, it lets you choose from a wide range of electric scooters from different manufacturers. You will also save money by buying online. Some retailers provide discounts to the first-time customers for simply signing up for their newsletters.

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Get a Thrilling Experience of Electric Scooters Targeted for Adults

If you are still on the fence about getting an electric scooter for adults in the UK then perhaps you’re not yet aware of the numerous benefits that these scooters bring. The capabilities of these vehicles are truly surprising—and they certainly promise a unique and thrilling riding and ownership experience. What makes electric scooters for adults a good buy?

Convenient travel

According to the Department of Transport, more than 3 million vehicles were registered for the first time in 2017. This data proves that the traffic will continue to become congested in the coming years. An innovative solution to avoiding traffic jams is to use electric scooter for adults in the UK. When you have a e-scooter, you don’t have to follow the usual roads that cars take. You can use electric scooters for adults even on the pavement or walkway. But of course, you need to be polite and courteous to pedestrians, so always give way to people and stop at curbs.


An adult electric scooter is a good buy because it is less expensive than your average car. You can get an electric scooter for adults in the UK like the XW-ESU012 for just over £300 and the Z4L ES5001 for just over £250.

Quality build

Adult electric scooters are manufactured with quality in mind. Most electric scooters for adults are made of aluminium alloy. They have a front suspension and can carry loads of up to 80 kg. Good scooters have brushless electric motors that delivers 300 watts of power.


Most scooters for adults can go as fast as 25 kilometres per hour. You can reach your office or any other destination in no time.

Recharging capability

Electric scooters for adults are equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery. A single charge can allow you to cover 30 kilometres.

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Why opt for Kids Electric Scooter for School-Going Children

Electric scooters are now becoming a trend for school-going kids in the UK. More and more parents are giving their kids electric scooters because of the many benefits these vehicles provide. If you are still undecided about whether to surprise your kids with electric scooters or not, here are facts that may persuade you to buy one:

Capable vehicle

A kid’s electric scooter may be cheap, but it still gets the job done. For less than a hundred pounds, your child can already have a fully functioning scooter. With a 100-watt motor and a 12-volt battery, most of these compact vehicles can cover anywhere from 10 to 15 kilometres on a single charge. Your kids will have no trouble going to school and going back home.

Balance and movement

Electric scooters are very much like traditional bikes because they help kids develop balance and eye-body coordination. More importantly, studies show that students who ride their bikes or scooters to school tend to be more focused compared with kids who are driven to school.

Life skills

If you want to teach your kids about how to read directions, road ethics, and motoring safety, an electric scooter is a great tool. Regularly riding a scooter can boost a child’s awareness of his or her surroundings. It can also help them read and figure out directions while developing the right behaviour and attitude on the road.


Electric scooters are also confidence boosters for kids. They become much more self-assured once they realise that they are capable beings who can do a lot if they trust themselves. Kids electric scooters can help build character in children and young adults.

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Electric Scooter Over Fuel Scooter

If you can’t quite decide if you should pick a fuel scooter or an electric scooter in the UK, you are not alone. Many people don’t know enough about electric vehicle technology and are not sure if e-scooters are indeed the superior choice. To help you make an informed decision, we are listing below some of the many advantages of choosing an electric scooter instead of a fuel scooter.

  • Electric scooters sold in the UK have quiet but powerful motors. You can use them without a problem in areas that implement strict laws and regulations against noise pollution.
  • Perhaps the biggest selling point of an electric scooter for sale is the fact that it is easier on the environment than a fuel-powered counterpart. Fuel scooters emit toxic compounds into the air, namely sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and NOx. With an electric scooter, you never have to worry about harmful emissions.
  • They are perfect for beginners. Most electric scooters in the UK are direct-drive, meaning, there are no shifters and gears that need to be controlled. You just need to manipulate the throttle, mirrors, and brakes. This makes them suitable even for beginner riders. It takes minutes to learn how to ride one.
  • Electric scooters are lightweight compared to fuel scooters. E-bikes utilise compact motors, while fuel bikes need relatively larger engines that weight more.
  • Electric scooters are more affordable than fuel scooters. Purchasing an electric scooter for sale is a more viable option because you don’t need to spend any money refilling the tank. They run on batteries, which can simply get recharged overnight.

Electric scooters are popular in the UK because they are convenient to use, are powerful, and are also affordable. The benefits of using an electric scooter far outweigh those of a fuel variant.

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Kids Electric Scooter- Top 3 Preferable Designs

Do you want to encourage your child to become more independent? Perhaps it’s time to buy a kid’s electric scooter. It’s the latest trend; in fact, a survey of 75,000 children in the UK shows that more than 14% of them regularly use scooters to travel to school. The rate continues to increase year after year. What kind of electric scooter should you give your kid? Here are three options to consider:

Electric Kick Scooter

This type of electric scooter for kids is a foldable and very affordable unit. It has an extendable handle and can effortlessly be towed.  It looks just like those push scooters you used back when you were a kid. The only difference is that electric kick scooters have 100W to 120W motors. Most models have top speeds of 8 miles/hour and can reach distances of up to 10 miles—perfect for going to school and back.

Self-balancing scooters

The hype of self-balancing scooters or ‘hoverboards’ has prompted many parents to purchase this mode of transportation for their kids. Sadly, many of these units are poorly made; in some cases, batteries even blow up. That said, there are high-quality hoverboards that are safe to use. The Z4L brand, for example, guarantees that their products are safe and have passed all European safety standards. The key is to look for a CE certificate, which indicates that the unit complies with all relevant European health and safety regulations.

Electric bikes

Electric bikes are great gifts because they give kids more flexibility as they commute to school. They can choose the all-pedal mode, all-motorized mode, or motor-assisted pedalling mode. Electric bikes are generally designed for older kids aged 14 and up. Consider the Lynx Folding Bike, which is a solid product that utilizes a 200W brushless motor and six-gear shifting system. A single charge can give you 33 miles. It takes 4 to 6 hours to fully charge the battery.

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Cheap Electric Scooters: A Money-Saving Affair

Are you looking for cheap electric scooters that fit your tight budget? The good news is that you can buy them online where it’s much easier to compare specs and prices. Look for online stores that offer the best deals and can give you the lowest prices for electric scooters. Here are some of the choices you might encounter.

Self-balancing electric scooter

One of the cheapest types of electric scooters that you can get is the self-balancing scooter, more popularly known as a hoverboard. It is a compact device that weighs about 10 kg, with a maximum load of approximately 100 kilograms. It is powered by a 36 V 4.4 ah battery. The charging time for the device is 90 to 120 minutes. A hoverboard may be ideal if you only need to cover small distances, as every full charge lets you travel 15 to 20 km. The best models are robust and can resist the daily wear-and-tear of travelling. The tyre itself has a waterproof level of IP54. You can even buy a self-balancing scooter with Bluetooth capabilities, speakers, and designer-inspired lights. You can choose from a wide range of colours. The safety of the device is guaranteed by CE certification.

Z4L Adult Electric Scooter

If you want another variant of the electric scooter, you may want to look at the Z4L Adult unit, which can go as fast as 20 km/hr for 2 hours. The scooter is powered by a 500-watt motor with a 36-volt controller. The charging time is eight to nine hours.  Simply plug this product in overnight so that it is fully charged every morning if you want to use it daily.

GQ Folding Scooter

Another cheap electric scooter that you can purchase is the GQ Electric Scooter. On a single charge, you can reach distances of up to 38 km. This model is powered by a 350-watt motor. The battery used for this device is a lithium type which has a charging time of 8 hours. The weight of this scooter is just 15 kg, and it can carry a load of up to 110 kg.

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How to Select the Right Electric Moped for Yourself

The electric moped or E-bike may be the best solution for alternative transportation in countries like the UK. It’s a great way to cut back on fossil fuel consumption and polluting emissions. They cost much less than any gasoline or diesel fed vehicle and is easy on the environment thanks to its cool and silent operation. When picking out a suitable bike for oneself, a few things have to be taken into consideration in order to make the most out of your purchase.

First off, think about the type of scooter you want to pick out. There are a number of models and styles to choose from. There are scooters which are designed for a more leisurely use, and there are bikes that look and handle like gasoline powered motorbikes with about the same features. This selection boils down to your intended use of the e-bike, whether for play or for serious transport.

You also have to keep an eye out for certain features such as maximum speed, power and range. This is an area where you have to keep a good balance depending on your needs. Typically, the faster the electric bike goes, the more power it consumes and the less range it has. So if you require an e-bike for an extended drive distance, choose a model with either a lower top speed, or an extended range battery to ensure that you reach your destination without running out of juice.

Weight and carrying capacity can also be an issue specifically if you have carry on equipment as this can diminish range and speed. Most e-bikes, however, have a sufficient amount of power for general purpose travel but if you intend to carry additional weight, better consult with your retailer on options for a more powerful bike.

With the right choice of models and feature sets, an electric moped is indeed a cheaper and more convenient alternative to any motor vehicle. Go online and have a look at your options today.

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